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Emergency Medicine

Download Free An Introduction to Clinical Emergency Medicine Pdf

Introduction: Emergency Medicine Pdf

Download Free An Introduction to Clinical Emergency Medicine Pdf, The emergency department (ED) is a challenging environment for patients, families, and medical personnel. Many challenges result from our practice’s principles: available at any time for any patient with any complaint. Patients who come to the ED are not familiar with us personally, yet must feel confident about our abilities to help them during their time of greatest concern. Their needs may be as straightforward as an excuse note for work or a prescription refill in the middle of the night, or as complex as an acute illness or injury, an exacerbation of a chronic condition, or a cry for help if depressed or suicidal. Even providing reassurance about a child’s fever to a concerned parent is a critical function of emergency physicians (EPs).

Qualities successful EPs exhibit include intelligence, sensitivity, humility, insight, proficiency making decisions with and acting on limited information, and the ability to multi-task. Being skillful negotiators, working well with individuals having different backgrounds and ethnicities, and advocating strongly for patients at all times are essential qualities. In addition to these traits, EPs must be experts in trauma and medical resuscitation of adults and children, and in sharing news with patients and family members about the
outcomes of these events.

The majority of patients use the ED infrequently. Many may be experiencing this setting for the first time. Patients’ lack of familiarity with
this environment, fear, stress, waiting times, painful procedures, and overall discomfort often preclude them from having a positive experience. These are only some of the issues that patients contend with in the ED.

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Table Of Contents For Emergency Medicine Pdf

Section 1 Principles of Emergency Medicine

1 Approach to the emergency patient
2 Airway management
3 Cardiopulmonary and cerebral resuscitation
4 Cardiac dysrhythmias
5 Shock
6 Traumatic injuries
7 Prehospital care and emergency medical services
8 Pain management

Section 2 Primary Complaints

9 Abdominal pain
10 Abnormal behavior
11 Allergic reactions and anaphylactic syndromes
12 Altered mental status
13 Chest pain
14 Constipation
15 Crying and irritability
16 Diabetes-related emergencies
17 Diarrhea
18 Dizziness and vertigo
19 Ear pain, nosebleed and throat pain (ENT)
20 Extremity trauma
21 Eye pain, redness, and visual loss
22 Fever in adults
23 Fever in children
24 Gastrointestinal bleeding
25 A headache
26 Hypertensive urgencies and emergencies
27 Joint pain
28 Low back pain
29 Pelvic pain
30 Rash
31 Scrotal pain
32 Seizures
33 Shortness of breath in adults
34 Shortness of breath in children
35 Syncope
36 Toxicologic emergencies
37 Urinary-related complaints
38 Vaginal bleeding
39 Vomiting
40 Weakness

Section 3 Unique Issues in Emergency Medicine

41 Child abuse, elder abuse, intimate partner violence
42 Environmental emergencies
43 Ethics and end-of-life issues
44 Legal aspects of emergency care
45 Occupational exposures in the emergency department

Section 4 Appendices

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