Html Css For Beginners, Design and Build Websites By Jon Ducket

Html Css For Beginners

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Introduction: Html Css For Beginners


Getting Started With Html Css For Beginners Part 1, In the browser window, you can see a web page that features exactly the same content as the Word document you met on page 18. To describe the structure of a web page, we add code to the words we want to appear on the page. You can see the HTML code for this page below. Don’t worry about what the code means yet. We start to look at it in more detail on the next page. Note that the HTML code is in blue, and the text you see on screen is in black.


Getting Started With Html Css For Beginners Part 2, How to make your web pages more attractive, controlling the design of them using CSS. CSS allows you to create rules that specify how the content of an element should appear. For example, you can specify that the background of the page is cream, all paragraphs should
appear in gray using the Arial typeface, or that all level one headings should be in a blue, italic, Times typeface. Once you have learned how to write a CSS rule, learning CSS mostly involves learning the different properties you can use.
So this chapter will:
● Introduce you to how CSS works
● Teach you how to write CSS rules
● Show you how CSS rules apply to HTML pages

HTML & CSS Design and Build Websites Pdf Chapters And Sections

Table Of Contents For Html Css For Beginners

Chapter 1: Structure
Chapter 2: Text
Chapter 3: Lists
Chapter 4: Links
Chapter 5: Images
Chapter 6: Tables
Chapter 7: Forms
Chapter 8: Extra Markup
Chapter 9: Flash, Video & Audio
Chapter 10: Introducing CSS
Chapter 11: Color
Chapter 12: Text
Chapter 13: Boxes
Chapter 14: Lists, Tables & Forms
Chapter 15: Layout
Chapter 16: Images
Chapter 17: HTML5 Layout
Chapter 18: Process & Design
Chapter 19: Practical Information

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