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Introduction: Html5 Examples With Source Code Pdf

Getting Started With Html5 Examples With Source Code Pdf, HTML5 in 2007. The goal of the project is ambitious: Develop an HTML standard that is capable of running full applications in a web browser. HTML5 introduces a broad set of new technologies, including:
• New HTML elements
• Geolocation APIs
• Drag-and-drop APIs
• Local data APIs
• Forms 2.0
• Video and audio support
• SVG and CANVAS graphics
• CSS3
• Two- and three-dimensional animation
• JavaScript 2.0
It seemed, for a while, that the new HTML5(Html5 Examples With Source Code Pdf) standard would not come to pass. Nay-sayers scoffed that the standard was good in print, but would never make it to the Web. Then a funny thing happened: FireFox began adopting elements of HTML and was quickly followed by Apple’s Safari web browser. Three final actions drove home the importance of HTML5:

• Google released the web browser Chrome with HTML5 as a key feature.
• The World Wide Web Consortium Group (W3C) halted work on XHTML 2.0 and adopted HTML5 as the new Web standard.
• The Web went mobile.

Html5 Examples With Source Code Pdf Chapters And Sections

Table Of Contents For Html5 Examples With Source Code Pdf


HTML5 Tag Structure

Project 1: Building a Website Using HTML 5 Blocking Elements

Picture CSS3

Project 2: Applying CSS3 To Your Web Design

HTML5 Rich Media Foundation

Project $: Creating SVG Logos And Canvas Charts

HTML5 Javascript Model

Project 5: Working With JavaScript


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