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Introduction: JavaScript jQuery

What Is JavaScript?

Getting Started with JavaScript jQuery, JavaScript is a programming language that lets you supercharge your HTML with animation, interactivity, and dynamic visual effects. JavaScript can make web pages more useful by supplying immediate feedback. For example, a JavaScript-powered shopping cart page can instantly display a total cost, with tax and shipping, the moment a visitor selects a product to buy. JavaScript can produce an error message immediately after someone attempts to submit a web form that’s missing necessary information.

What Is jQuery?

JavaScript has one embarrassing little secret: writing it can be hard. While it’s simpler than many other programming languages, JavaScript is still a programming language. And many people, including web designers, find programming difficult To complicate matters further, different web browsers understand JavaScript differently, so a program that works in, say, Chrome may be completely unresponsive in Internet Explorer 9. This common situation can cost many hours of testing on different machines and different browsers to make sure a program works correctly for your site’s entire audience.

That’s where jQuery comes in. jQuery is a JavaScript library intended to make JavaScript programming easier and more fun. A JavaScript library is a complex set of JavaScript code that both simplifies difficult tasks and solves cross-browser problems. In other words, jQuery solves the two biggest JavaScript headaches: complexity and the finicky nature of different web browsers.

JavaScript jQuery The Missing Manual Pdf Chapters And Sections

Table Of Contents For JavaScript jQuery Pdf

The Missing Credits
What Is JavaScript?
What Is jQuery?
HTML: The Barebones Structure
CSS: Adding Style to Web Pages
Software for JavaScript Programming
About This Book
The Very Basics
About the Online Resources

Part One: Getting Started with JavaScript
CHAPTER 1: Writing Your First JavaScript Program

Introducing Programming
How to Add JavaScript to a Page
Your First JavaScript Program
Writing Text on a Web Page
Attaching an External JavaScript File
Tracking Down Errors

CHAPTER 2: The Grammar of JavaScript

Built-In Functions
Types of Data
Working with Data Types and Variables
Tutorial: Using Variables to Create Messages
Tutorial: Asking for Information
Tutorial: Writing to a Web Page Using Arrays
A Quick Object Lesson

CHAPTER 3: Adding Logic and Control to Your Programs

Making Programs React Intelligently
Tutorial: Using Conditional Statements
Handling Repetitive Tasks with Loops
Functions: Turn Useful Code Into Reusable Commands
Tutorial: A Simple Quiz

Part Two: Getting Started with jQuery
CHAPTER 4: Introducing jQuery

About JavaScript Libraries
Getting jQuery
Adding jQuery to a Page
Modifying Web Pages: An Overview
Understanding the Document Object Model
Selecting Page Elements: The jQuery Way
Adding Content to a Page
Setting and Reading Tag Attributes
Reading, Setting and Removing HTML Attributes
Acting on Each Element in a Selection
Automatic Pull Quotes

CHAPTER 5: Action/Reaction: Making Pages Come Alive with Events

What Are Events?
Using Events the jQuery Way
Tutorial: Introducing Events
More jQuery Event Concepts
Advanced Event Management
Tutorial: A One-Page FAQ

CHAPTER 6: Animations and Effects

jQuery Effects
Tutorial: Login Slider
Performing an Action After an Effect Is Completed
Tutorial: Animated Dashboard
jQuery and CSS3 Transitions and Animations

CHAPTER 7: Common jQuery Tasks

Swapping Images
Tutorial: Adding Rollover Images
Tutorial: Photo Gallery with Effects
Controlling How Links Behave
Opening External Links in a New Window
Creating New Windows
Introducing jQuery Plug-ins
Build a Responsive Navigation Bar

CHAPTER 8: Enhancing Web Forms

Understanding Forms
Adding Smarts to Your Forms
Tutorial: Basic Form Enhancements
Form Validation
Validation Tutorial

Part Three: Getting Started with jQuery UI
CHAPTER 9: Expanding Your Interface

What Is jQuery UI?
Why Use jQuery UI?
Using jQuery UI
Adding Messages with Dialog Boxes
Providing Information with Tooltips
Adding Tabbed Panels
Saving Space with Accordions
Adding Menus to a Page

CHAPTER 10: Forms Revisited

Picking Dates with Style
Stylish Select Menus
Styling Buttons
Improve Radio Buttons and Checkboxes
Providing Hints with Autocomplete
jQuery UI Form Widget Tutorial

CHAPTER 11: Customizing the Look of jQuery UI

Introducing ThemeRoller
Downloading and Using Your New Theme
Overriding jQuery UI Styles

CHAPTER 12: jQuery UI Interactions and Effects

The Draggable Widget
The Droppable Widget
Drag-and-Drop Tutorial
Sorting Page Items
jQuery UI Effects

Part Four: Advanced jQuery and JavaScript
CHAPTER 13: Introducing Ajax

What Is Ajax?
Ajax: The Basics
Ajax the jQuery Way
Introducing JSONP
Adding a Flickr Feed to Your Site
Tutorial: Adding Flickr Images to Your Site

CHAPTER 14: Building a To-Do List Application

An Overview of the Application
Add a Button
Add a Dialog Box
Adding Tasks
Marking Tasks as Complete
Deleting Tasks
Going Further
Part Five: Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting

CHAPTER 15: Getting the Most from jQuery

Useful jQuery Tips and Information
Using the jQuery Docs
Traversing the DOM
More Functions for Manipulating HTML

CHAPTER 16: Going Further with JavaScript

Working with Strings
Finding Patterns in Strings
Working with Numbers
Dates and Times
Writing More Efficient JavaScript
Putting It All Together

CHAPTER 17: Troubleshooting and Debugging

Top JavaScript Programming Mistakes
Debugging with the Console
Debugging Tutorial

Part Six: Appendix

APPENDIX A: JavaScript Resources
Basic JavaScript
Advanced JavaScript
Index: JavaScript jQuery Pdf

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