Make Arduino Bots and Gadgets By Kimmo and Tero Karvinen

make arduino bots and gadgets

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Introduction: Make Arduino bots and gadgets

This Book(make Arduino bots and gadgets) will get you started building and designing prototypes for embedded systems. You will learn basic principles that you’ll follow in Chapters 3 and 4 as you build the Stalker Guard and Robot Insect. Prototypes in this book are just the beginning.

Once you know the techniques, you’ll be able to build prototypes for your own inventions. Building Philosophy When you break a programming problem down into smaller pieces, be sure to test and validate each piece as you go. If you don’t do this, you could find yourself wildly off track by the time you’ve gotten through a few pieces.

This book(make Arduino bots and gadgets) provides techniques for building prototypes or test versions of a device. A prototype such as the one shown in Figure 1-1 provides a proof of concept—a concrete realization of a device’s intended functions. Try to finish a functional prototype as quickly as possible. Once you’ve documented a working prototype, you can build in improvements in later versions. You can make a working end result by stripping out unnecessary functions and taking shortcuts. If it makes testing quicker, use rubber bands and duct tape when you have to. Don’t try to optimize your code in the first version.

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Table Of Contents For Make Arduino bots and gadgets

1. Introduction

Building Philosophy
Reusing Parts
Buying Components
Useful Tools
Electronic Circuit Theory Review

2. Arduino: The Brains of an Embedded

Why Arduino?
Starting with Arduino
Hello World with Arduino
Structure of “Hello World”
Arduino Uno
Arduino Nano

3. Stalker Guard

What You’ll Learn
Tools and Parts
Solderless Breadboard
Jumper Wire
Ping Ultrasonic Sensor
Vibration Motor
Combining Components to Make the Stalker Guard
Making the Motor Vibrate
Providing Power from a Battery
What’s Next?
Making an Enclosure

4. Insect Robot

What You’ll Learn
Tools and Parts
Servo Motors
Constructing the Frame
Programming the Walk
Avoiding Obstacles Using Ultrasound
What’s Next?

5. Interactive Painting

What You’ll Learn
Tools and Parts
Detecting Motion Using Ultrasonic Sensors
Moving Images
Installing Python
Hello World in Python
Communicating over the Serial Port
Displaying a Picture
Scaling an Image to Full Screen
Changing Images with Button Control
Gesture-Controlled Painting in Full Screen
Animating the Sliding Image
Connecting Arduino Processing
Processing Code for the Painting
The Finished Painting
Creating an Enclosure
Building a Frame

6. Boxing Clock

What You’ll Learn
Tools and Parts
Android Software Installation
Creating a Boxing Clock in Android
What’s Next?

7. Remote for a Smart Home

What You’ll Learn
Tools and Parts
The Relay: A Controllable Switch
Hacking the Remote Control
Controlling the Arduino from the Computer
Creating a Graphical User Interface
The Finished Remote Control Interface
Creating an Enclosure

8. Soccer Robot

What You Will Learn
Tools and Parts
Continuous Rotation Servos
Modding a Standard Servo into a Continuous Rotation Servo
Connecting the Arduino to the Bluetooth Mate
Testing the Bluetooth Connection
Building a Frame for the Robot
Programming the Movements
Controlling Movement from a Computer
Steering with an Android Cell Phone
The Accelerometer
An Easier Approach to Bluetooth
Controlling the Robot with Cell Phone Motion
Completing the Soccer Robot
What’s Next?
A. tBlue Library for Android

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