Pro HTML5 Programming By Peter Lubbers, Brian Albers, and Frank Salim

HTML5 Programming

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Introduction: HTML5 Programming

Getting Started With HTML5 Programming, HTML5 is brand new. Indeed, it isn’t even finished yet. And if you listen to some ornery pundits, they’ll tell you that HTML5 won’t be ready for ten years or more!
Why, then, would anyone think that now’s the time for a book called Pro HTML5 Programming?
That’s easy. Because for anyone who’s looking for an extra edge to make your web application stand above the rest, the time for HTML5 is right now. The authors of this book have been working with, developing, and teaching HTML5 Programming technologies for more than two years now and can claim with certainty that adoption of the new standards is accelerating at dizzying speeds. Even over the course of writing this book, we’ve been forced to continually update our browser support matrix and reevaluate our assumptions about what is ready to use.
Most users don’t really understand the power that’s available in the browsers they are now using. Yes, they might notice some minor interface enhancement after their favorite browser has automatically updated. But they might have no idea that this new browser version just introduced a free-form drawing canvas or real-time network communication, or any number of other potential upgrades. With this book(HTML5 Programming), we aim to help you unlock the power HTML5.

HTML goes back a long way. It was first published as an Internet draft in 1993. The ’90s saw an enormous amount of activity around HTML, with version 2.0, versions 3.2, and 4.0 (in the same year!), and finally, in 1999, version 4.01. In the course of its development, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) assumed control of the specification

Pro HTML5 Programming Pdf Chapters And Sections

Table Of Contents For HTML5 Programming

About the Authors
About the Technical Reviewer
Chapter 1: Overview of HTML5
Chapter 2: Using the HTML5 Canvas API
Chapter 3: Working with HTML5 Audio and Video
Chapter 4: Using the HTML5 Geolocation API
Chapter 5: Using the Communication APIs
Chapter 6: Using the HTML5 WebSocket API
Chapter 7: Using the HTML5 Forms API
Chapter 8: Using the HTML5 Web Workers API
Chapter 9: Using the HTML5 Web Storage API
Chapter 10: Creating HTML5 Offline Web Applications
Chapter 11: The Future of HTML5

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