Responsive Website Development HTML, XHTML, & CSS All-In-One For Dummies 2nd Edition By Andy Harris

Responsive Website Development

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Introduction: Responsive Website Development

I love the Internet, and if you picked up this book(Responsive Website Development), you probably do, too. The Internet is dynamic, chaotic, exciting, interesting, and useful, all at the same time. The Web is pretty fun from a user’s point of view, but that’s only part of the story. Perhaps the best part of the Internet is how participatory it is. You can build your own content free! It’s really amazing. There’s never been a form of communication like this before. Anyone with access to a minimal PC and a little bit of knowledge can create his or her own homestead in one of the most exciting platforms in the history of communication.

The real question is how to get there. A lot of Responsive Website Development books are really about how to use some sort of software you have to buy. That’s okay, but it isn’t necessary. Many software packages have evolved that purport to make Responsive Website Development easier and some work pretty well but regardless what software package you use, there’s still a need to know what’s really going on under the surface. That’s where this book comes in.

HTML, XHTML, & CSS All-In-One For Dummies 2nd Edition Chapters And Sections

Table Of Contents For Responsive Website Development


Book I: Creating the HTML/XHTML Foundation

Chapter 1: Sound HTML Foundations
Chapter 2: It’s All about Validation
Chapter 3: Choosing Your Tools
Chapter 4: Managing Information with Lists and Tables
Chapter 5: Making Connections with Links
Chapter 6: Adding Images
Chapter 7: Creating Forms
Chapter 8: The Future of HTML: HTML 5

Book II: Styling with CSS

Chapter 1: Coloring Your World
Chapter 2: Styling Text
Chapter 3: Selectors, Class, and Style
Chapter 4: Borders and Backgrounds
Chapter 5: Levels of CSS

Book III: Using Positional CSS

Chapter 1: Fun with the Fabulous Float
Chapter 2: Building Floating Page Layouts
Chapter 3: Styling Lists and Menus
Chapter 4: Using Alternative Positioning

Book IV: Client-Side Programming with JavaScript

Chapter 1: Getting Started with JavaScript
Chapter 2: Making Decisions with Conditions
Chapter 3: Loops and Debugging
Chapter 4: Functions, Arrays, and Objects
Chapter 5: Talking to the Page
Chapter 6: Getting Valid Input
Chapter 7: Animating Your Pages

Book V: Server-Side Programming with PHP

Chapter 1: Getting Started on the Server
Chapter 2: PHP and XHTML Forms
Chapter 3: Control Structures
Chapter 4: Working with Arrays
Chapter 5: Using Functions and Session Variables
Chapter 6: Working with Files and Directories
Chapter 7: Connecting to a MySQL Database

Book VI: Managing Data with MySQL

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Data
Chapter 2: Managing Data with SQL
Chapter 3: Normalizing Your Data
Chapter 4: Putting Data Together with Joins

Book VII: Into the Future with AJAX

Chapter 1: AJAX Essentials
Chapter 2: Improving JavaScript and AJAX with jQuery
Chapter 3: Animating jQuery
Chapter 4: Using the jQuery User Interface Toolkit
Chapter 5: Improving Usability with jQuery
Chapter 6: Working with AJAX Data

Book VIII: Moving from Pages to Sites

Chapter 1: Managing Your Servers
Chapter 2: Planning Your Sites
Chapter 3: Introducing Content Management Systems
Chapter 4: Editing Graphics
Chapter 5: Taking Control of Content
Appendix A: What’s on the CD

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