Introducing Html5 Development 2ndEdition By Bruce Lawson and Remy Sharp

Html5 Development

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Introduction: Html5 Development

Getting Started With Introducing Html5 Development Pdf, In 1998, the W3C decided that they would not continue to evolve HTML. The future, they believed (and so did your authors) was XML. So they froze HTML(Introducing Html5 Development Pdf) at version 4.01 and released a specification called XHTML 1.0, which was an XML version of HTML that required XML syntax rules such as quoting attributes, closing some tags while self-closing others, and the like. Two flavors were developed (well, actually three, if you care about HTML Frames, but we hope you don’t because they’re gone from Introducing Html5 Development Pdf). XHTML Transitional was designed to help people move to the gold standard of XHTML Strict.

This was all tickety-boo—it encouraged a generation of developers (or at least the professional-standard developers) to think about valid, well-structured code. However, work then began on a specification called XHTML 2.0, which was a revolutionary change to the language, in the sense that it broke backward compatibility in the cause of becoming much more logical and better-designed.

Introducing Html5 Development Second Edition Pdf Chapters And Sections

Table Of Contents For Introducing Html5 Development Pdf

CHAPTER 1 Main Structure

The <head>
Using new HTML5 structural elements
Styling HTML5 with CSS
When to use the new HTML5 structural elements
What’s the point?


Structuring main content areas
Adding blog posts and comments
Working with HTML5 outlines
Understanding WAI-ARIA
Even more new structures!
Redefined elements
Global attributes
Removed attributes
Features not covered in this book


We HTML, and now it’s us back
New input types
New attributes
Avoiding validation

CHAPTER 4 Video and Audio

Native multimedia: why, what, and how?
Codecs the horror, the horror
Rolling custom controls
Multimedia accessibility
Synchronising media tracks

CHAPTER 5 Canvas

Canvas basics
Drawing paths
Using transformers: pixels in disguise
Capturing images
Pushing pixels
Animating your canvas paintings

CHAPTER 6 Data Storage

Storage options
Web Storage
Web SQL Database

CHAPTER 7 Offline

Pulling the plug: going offline
The cache manifest
Network and fallback in detail
How to serve the manifest
The browser-server process
Debugging tips
Using the manifest to detect connectivity
Killing the cache

CHAPTER 8 Drag and Drop

Getting into drag
Interoperability of dragged data
How to drag any element
Adding custom drag icons

CHAPTER 9 Geolocation

Sticking a pin in your user
API methods

CHAPTER 10 Messaging and Workers

Chit chat with the Messaging API
Threading using Web Workers

CHAPTER 11 Real Time

WebSockets: working with streaming data
Server-Sent Events

CHAPTER 12 Polyfilling: Patching Old Browsers

to Support HTML5 Today
Introducing polyfills
Feature detection
Detecting properties
The undetectable
Where to find polyfills
A working example with Modernizr

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