Learn Ajax For Dummies By Steve Holzner

Learn Ajax For Dummies

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Introduction: Learn Ajax For Dummies

Getting Started With Learn Ajax, Welcome to the world of Ajax, the technology that lets Web software act like desktop software. One of the biggest problems with traditional Web applications is that they have that “Web” feel you have to keep clicking buttons to move from page to page and watch the screen flicker as your browser loads a new Web page.

Ajax For Dummies is here to take care of that issue because it enables you to grab data from the server without reloading new pages into the browser. With Ajax, Web applications finally start feeling like desktop applications to your users. That’s because Learn AjaxFor Dummies enables your Web applications to work behind the scenes, getting data as they need it, and displaying that data as you want. And as more and more people get fast Internet connections, working behind the scenes to access data is going to become all the rage. Soon, it’ll be impossible to distinguish dedicated desktop software from software that’s actually on the Internet, far from the user’s machine. To help you understand how Ajax works, the following sections look at Learn Ajax For Dummies from a user’s and a programmer’s perspective.

 Learn Ajax For Dummies By Steve Holzner Pdf Chapters And Sections

Table Of Contents For Learn Ajax For Dummies


Part I: Getting Started

Chapter 1: Ajax 101
Chapter 2: It’s All About JavaScript

Part II: Programming in Ajax

Chapter 3: Getting to Know Ajax
Chapter 4: Ajax in Depth

Part III: Ajax Frameworks

Chapter 5: Introducing Ajax Frameworks
Chapter 6: More Powerful Ajax Frameworks
Chapter 7: Server-Side Ajax Frameworks

Part IV: In-Depth Ajax Power

Chapter 8: Handling XML int Ajax Applications
Chapter 9: Working with Cascading Style Sheets in Ajax Applications
Chapter 10: Working with Ajax and PHP

Part V: The Part of Tens

Chapter 11: Ten Ajax Design Issues You Should Know About
Chapter 12: Ten Super-Useful Ajax Resources

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