Learning PHP MySQL For Dummies 4th Edition By Janet Valade

learning PHP MySQL

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Introduction: learning PHP MySQL

Getting Started With learning PHP MySQL,  So you need to develop an interactive Website. Perhaps your boss just puts you in charge of the company’s online product catalog. Or you want to develop your own Web business. Or your sister wants to sell her paintings online. Or you volunteered to put up a Website open only to members of your circus acrobats’ association. Whatever your motivation might be, you can see that the application needs to store information (such as information about products or member passwords), thus requiring a database. You can see also that the application needs to interact dynamically with the user; for instance, the user selects a product to view or enters membership information. This type of Website is a Web database application.

In this book( learning PHP MySQL), I assume that you’ve created static Web pages before, using HTML (HyperText Markup Language), but creating an interactive Web site is a new challenge, as is designing a database. You asked three computer gurus you know what you should do. They said a lot of things you didn’t understand, but among the technical jargon, you heard “quick” and “easy,” and “free” mentioned in the same sentence as PHP and MySQL. Now you want to know more about using PHP and MySQL to develop the Web site that you need.

PHP & MySQL For Dummies 4th Edition Pdf Chapters And Sections

Table Of Contents For learning PHP MySQL


Part I: Developing a Web Database Application Using PHP and MySQL

Chapter 1: Introduction to PHP and MySQL
Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Work Environment
Chapter 3: Developing a Web Database Application

Part II: MySQL Database

Chapter 4: Building the Database
Chapter 5: Protecting Your Data


Chapter 6: General PHP
Chapter 7: PHP Building Blocks for Programs
Chapter 8: Data In, Data Out
Chapter 9: Moving Information from One Web Page to the Next

Part IV: Applications

Chapter 10: Putting It All Together
Chapter 11: Building an Online Catalog
Chapter 12: Building a Members Only Web Site

Part V: The Part of Tens

Chapter 13: Ten Things You Might Want to Do Using PHP Functions
Chapter 14: Ten PHP Gotchas

Part VI: Appendixes

Appendix A: Installing PHP, MySQL, and Apache from XAMPP
Appendix B: Configuring PHP

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