Mind Performance Projects for the Evil Genius 19 Brain Bending Bio Hacks By Brad Graham and Kathy McGowan

Projects For The Evil Genius

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Introduction: Projects For The Evil Genius

Projects For The Evil Genius, If you have been experimenting with electronics for any amount of time, then chances are that you can skip right past this chapter and start digging into some of the projects presented in this book. If you are just starting out, then you have a little groundwork to cover before you begin, but don’t worry, the electronics hobby is well within reach for anyone with a creative mind and a desire to learn something new.
As with all things new, you have to start from the beginning and expect a few failures along the way. We electronic “nerds” call this “letting out the magic smoke,” and you will fully understand this phrase the first time you connect your power wires in reverse! Please do not be intimidated by the huge amount of technical material available on electronic components and devices because chances are that you need only a small amount of what is available to complete a project.

All problems can be broken down into smaller parts, and a schematic diagram is a perfect example of this. Once you understand the basic principles, you will be able to look at a huge schematic or circuit and see that it is made up of smaller basic building blocks just like a brick wall.

Download Free Mind Performance Projects for the Evil Genius: 19 Brain-Bending Bio Hacks Chapters And Sections

Table Of Contents

Introduction: Getting Started

Welcome “Noobs”!
The Breadboard
Electronic Building Blocks
The Resistor
The Capacitor
The Diode
The Transistor
RTFM—Read the Flippin’ Manual!
Asking for Help
Tools of the Trade
Beyond the Breadboard

Section One
Exploring the Human Body

Project 1 Biofeedback Device
Project 2 Reaction Speedometer
Project 3 Body Temperature Monitor
Project 4 Respiratory Monitor
Project 5 Heart Rate Monitor
Project 6 Lie Detector

Section Two
The Dreaming World

Project 7 White-Noise Generator
Project 8 Introduction to Lucid Dreaming
Project 9 Waking-Reality Tester
Project 10 Audio Dream Director
Project 11 Light-Sensing Lucid-Dream Mask
Project 12 Motion-Sensing Lucid-Dream Mask
Project 13 Lucid-Dream-Mask Controller

Section Three
An Inward Journey

Project 14 The Ganzfeld Effect
Project 15 Alpha Meditation Goggles
Project 16 Clairvoyance Tester
Project 17 Visual Hypnosis Aid
Project 18 Color-Therapy Device
Project 19 Synchro Brain Machine

Conclusion 203

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