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Introduction: Object Oriented Programming Python Pdf

Getting Started With Object Oriented Programming Python Pdf, In software development, the design is often considered the step done before programming. This isn’t true; in reality, analysis, programming, and design tend to overlap, combine, and interweave. In this chapter, we will learn:
1) What object-oriented means
2) The difference between object-oriented design and object-oriented programming(Object Oriented Programming Python Pdf)
3) The basic principles of object-oriented design
4) Basic Unified Modeling Language and when it isn’t evil Object-oriented?
Everyone knows what an object is: a tangible “something” that we can sense, feel, and manipulate. The earliest objects we interact with are typically baby toys. Wooden blocks, plastic shapes, and over-sized puzzle pieces are common first objects. Babies learn quickly that certain objects do certain things. Triangles fit in triangle-shaped holes. Bells ring, buttons press, and levers pull.
The definition of an object in software development is not so very different. Objects are not typically tangible something that you can pick up, sense, or feel, but they are models of something that can do certain things and have certain things done to them. Formally, an object is a collection of data and associated behaviors.
So knowing what an object is, what does it mean to be object-oriented? Oriented simply means directed toward. So object-oriented simply means, “functionally directed toward modeling objects”. It is one of many techniques used for modeling complex systems by describing a collection of interacting objects via their data and behavior. If you’ve read any hype, you’ve probably come across the terms object-oriented analysis, object-oriented design, object-oriented analysis and design, and object-oriented programming. These are all highly related concepts under the general object-oriented umbrella. In fact, analysis, design, and programming are all stages of software development. Calling them object-oriented simply specify what style of software development is being pursued.

Python 3 Object Oriented Programming Chapters and Sections

Table of Contents For Object Oriented Programming Python Pdf

Chapter 1: Object-oriented Design

Objects and classes
Specifying attributes and behaviors
Data describes objects
Behaviors are actions
Hiding details and creating the public interface
Composition and inheritance
Inheritance provides abstraction
Multiple inheritances
Case study

Chapter 2: Objects in Python

Creating Python classes
Adding attributes
Making it do something
Initializing the object
Explaining yourself
Modules and packages
Organizing the modules
Absolute imports
Relative imports
Who can access my data?
Case study

Chapter 3: When Objects are Alike

Basic inheritance
Extending built-ins
Overriding and super
Multiple inheritances
The diamond problem
Different sets of arguments
Case study

Chapter 4: Expecting the Unexpected

Raising exceptions
Raising an exception
What happens when an exception occurs?
Handling exceptions
Exception hierarchy
Defining our own exceptions
Exceptions aren’t exceptional
Case study

Chapter 5: When to Use Object-oriented Programming

Treat objects as objects
Using properties to add behavior to class data
How it works
Decorators: another way to create properties
When should we use properties?
Managing objects
Removing duplicate code
In practice
Or we can use composition
Case study

Chapter 6: Python Data Structures

Empty objects
Tuples and named tuples
Named tuples
When should we use dictionaries?
Using defaultdict
Sorting lists
Extending built-ins
Case study

Chapter 7: Python Object-oriented Shortcuts

Python built-in functions
Other functions
List Comprehensions
Set and dictionary comprehensions
Generator expressions
An alternative to method overloading
Default arguments
Variable argument lists
Unpacking arguments
Functions are objects too
Using functions as attributes
Callable objects
Case study

Chapter 8: Python Design Patterns I

Design patterns
Decorator pattern
Decorator example
Decorators in Python
Observer pattern
Observer example
Strategy pattern
Strategy example
Strategy in Python
State pattern
State example
State versus strategy
Singleton pattern
Singleton implementation
Module variables can mimic singletons
Template pattern
Template example

Chapter 9: Python Design Patterns II

Adapter pattern
Facade pattern
Flyweight pattern
Command pattern
Abstract factory pattern
Composite pattern

Chapter 10: Files and Strings

String manipulation
String formatting
Escaping braces
Keyword arguments
Container lookups
Object lookups
Making it look right
Strings are Unicode
Converting bytes to text
Converting text to bytes
Mutable byte strings
File IO
Placing it in context
Faking files
Storing objects
Customizing pickles
Serializing web objects

Chapter 11: Testing Object-oriented Programs

Why test?
Test-driven development
Unit testing
Assertion methods
Additional assertion methods in Python 3.1
Reducing boilerplate and cleaning up
Organizing and running tests
Ignoring broken tests
Testing with py.test
One way to do setup and cleanup
A completely different way to set up variables
Test skipping with py.test
py.test extras
How much testing is enough?
Case Study
Implementing it

Chapter 12: Common Python 3 Libraries

Database access
Introducing SQLAlchemy
Adding and querying objects
SQL Expression Language
Pretty user interfaces
Choosing a GUI toolkit
Constructing XML documents
A full web stack?

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