Software Requirement Patterns By Stephen Withall

Software Requirement Patterns By Stephen Withall

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Introduction: Software Requirement Patterns

Getting Started With Software Requirement Patterns, In all but trivial systems you’ll have requirements that are similar in nature to one another or that crop up in most systems—and probably lots of them. For example, you might have a number of inquiry functions, each with its own requirement. When specifying a business system, a significant proportion of the requirements fall into a relatively small number of types. It’s worthwhile to make an effort to specify all the requirements of one type in a consistent manner. To do this, we introduce the notion of a requirement pattern, to allow us to describe how each requirement that uses it should be defined.
Requirement pattern: an approach to specifying a particular type of requirement.
A Software requirement pattern is applied at the level of an individual requirement, to guide the specifying of a single requirement at a time. For example, if you have a requirement for a certain report, you can engage the report requirement pattern to help you specify it. Once you’ve written the requirement (and any extra requirements it suggests), the pattern’s job is done, and you can put it away and move on. But when a software designer or developer comes to decide how to implement the requirement, the pattern is available to give them some hints relevant to their job, if they wish. A tester can similarly use the pattern for ideas on how to test it.

Software Requirement Patterns Chapters and Sections

Table Of Contents For Software Requirement Patterns


Part I Setting the Scene

Synopsis of “Crash Course in Specifying Requirements”
What Are Requirements?
Where Do Requirements Fit into the Grand Scheme?
A Few General Principles
A Traditional Requirements Process
Agile Requirements Processes
An Extreme Requirements Process
An Incremental Requirements Process

2 Synopsis of “The Contents of a Requirements Specification”

Introduction Section
System Purpose
Document Purpose
Requirement Format
Document History
Context Section
Major Assumptions
Major Exclusions
Key Business Entities
Functional Area Sections
Major Nonfunctional Capabilities Section

3 Requirement Pattern Concepts

Introduction to Requirement Patterns

The Anatomy of a Requirement Pattern
Basic Details
Extra Requirements
Considerations for Development
Considerations for Testing
Domains and Infrastructures
Requirement Pattern Groups
Relationships Between Requirement Patterns
Requirement Pattern Classifications
Refinement Requirements
Divertive Requirement Patterns
Requirement Patterns and Diversity of Approaches
Use Cases for Requirement Patterns
Business Rules and Requirement Patterns

4 Using and Producing Requirement Patterns

When and How to Use Requirement Patterns
Tailoring Requirement Patterns
Writing New Requirement Patterns
How to Find Candidate Requirement Patterns
How to Write a Requirement Pattern

Part II Requirement Pattern Catalog
5 Fundamental Requirement Patterns

Inter-System Interface Requirement Pattern
Inter-System Interaction Requirement Pattern
Technology Requirement Pattern
Comply-with-Standard Requirement Pattern
Refer-to-Requirements Requirement Pattern
Documentation Requirement Pattern

6 Information Requirement Patterns

Data Type Requirement Pattern
Data Structure Requirement Pattern
ID Requirement Pattern
Calculation Formula Requirement Pattern
Data Longevity Requirement Pattern
Data Archiving Requirement Pattern

7 Data Entity Requirement Patterns

Living Entity Requirement Pattern
Transaction Requirement Pattern
Configuration Requirement Pattern
Chronicle Requirement Pattern
Information Storage Infrastructure
Implementation Requirements

8 User Function Requirement Patterns

Inquiry Requirement Pattern
Report Requirement Pattern
Accessibility Requirement Pattern
User Interface Infrastructure
Reporting Infrastructure

9 Performance Requirement Patterns

Response Time Requirement Pattern
Throughput Requirement Pattern
Dynamic Capacity Requirement Pattern
Static Capacity Requirement Pattern
Availability Requirement Pattern

10 Flexibility Requirement Patterns

Scalability Requirement Pattern
Extendability Requirement Pattern
Unparochialness Requirement Pattern
Multiness Requirement Pattern
Multi-Lingual Requirement Pattern
Installability Requirement Pattern

11 Access Control Requirement Patterns

User Registration Requirement Pattern
User Authentication Requirement Pattern
User Authorization Requirement Patterns
Specific Authorization Requirement Pattern
Configurable Authorization Requirement Pattern
Approval Requirement Pattern

12 Commercial Requirement Patterns

Multi-Organization Unit Requirement Pattern
Fee/Tax Requirement Pattern

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